Processing Capabilities

To offer extra value services, Interpipe Inc. has installed processing capabilities to save you time and money.

Starting with our cutting capabilities, we have a Band saw which will cut up to 14" O.D in any required length. To cut larger O.D product we have Torch cutting/beveling up to 48" O.D.

To save you time and money, we offer used product that we can process/clean with our chipper or wheelabrator to give you a new looking product at a used price.

Our cleaning capabilities include tar, fusion bond and paint removal on most product. Utilizing our custom made fire cleaner we can remove almost any coating on product up to 48" O.D.

For smaller O.D product our Wheelabrator (shot blast) conveying line will take surface rust off, paint and residue from coatings for product up to 12-3/4" O.D.

We also have a fully operational weld up line, giving you the opportunity to save money and give you the lengths you require.

We offer a finished product in every inquiry that is possible. Less hassle and worry for our customers, Interpipe Inc. is a one stop shop for all your requirements.

Don’t forget: we will also buy your new and used surplus products. We offer competitive prices, prompt removal and clean up services.