Bianco Group

The history of Bianco Group can be traced to Italy in 1958 with the establishment of the company F.G. Bianco. It was initially based in Milan, before relocating to Brescia, from where – under the name of Tubindustria – it is still distributing steel tubes today.

Drawing on the experiences of Sicam, Stad and CST, other companies were created to diversify the range of products sold by the group. During the 1980’s National Tube Stockholders in the UK, Distritube in Fance, Deurohr in Germany and National Tube Supply in the USA became established in the “Prime” market, while Pipe and Tube Supplies in the USA and Interpipe in Canada continued to expand the groups “Non Prime” operations.

Today the Bianco Group is made up of more than 20 companies, located in Europe and Northern America, with over 800 people currently working within the group.

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